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I am Fanscott plz help me out I repost or retweet GamingNews I am trying to get 500,000,000 Followers on my twitter I am gamer on Xbox360 and AppleStore games sometime I try to help out gamers everyday on Twitter to get you more followers on Twitter or get you more like on Facebook and much more social networks you have how do I do my duty I go on twitch or YouTube I share there LiveStream on twitch I send it to my Twitter and go on see any video on YouTube if like I hit the like button it send to my Twitter and I help gamers on Facebook when I see a post from gamers or what I like to share on my Facebook Page when repost a post on my Facebook Page it will go on my Twitter and when gamers sign up on my blog what ever information they give me I it on my blog there Twitter name will be on the sidebar forever to help them get more followers everyday I do much more too

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I try to help out gamers everyday on Xbox One, PS4,PC, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

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1. On Facebook I look up gaming news or video or photos I reshare to my Facebook Page a lot of Gamers can see it

2. On Xbox one I repost there video or photo to Twitter I put there Gamertag on tweet or post

3. On Twitter I look around for gamers that have good gaming news or videos or photos I repost or retweet them

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

News Knight Fanscott

#Gamers that is on #XboxOne do you need your games clips show to world I can help you out just send me your best games clips to me on XboxOne my Gamertag: KNIGHT FANSCOTT P.S. You might get on my YouTube if you do get on my YouTube I will get back to you soon as I can if you don’t get on my #YouTube you can keep send me on XboxOne with different games clips everyday I love supporting gamers everyday on XboxOne and twitter sometimes Facebook remember check out my #Twitter @Fanscott1234 I tweet a lot stuff and retweet a lot gamers stuff I will follow you back
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